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Learning together  Parelli  -Tutorials

The tutorials are group meetings of the  students who have received the course The 7 Parelli Games. In them if you want, you can send me videos of your horse playing y  I will analyze and comment on your learning process . With this we will be able to follow up, solve problems and review  the Parelli technique. In this collaborative environment  all participants will benefit from the cases presented. The goal is continuous learning and growth of our Parelli en Español community.



Have taken the course The 7 Parelli Games

It is not necessary to have a horse; you can continue learning in our group.


Rules for participating in tutorials:

1- Send video minimum 2 days before the tutorial.

2- The video must last maximum  3 min showing the game.

3- Among all the videos, the most representative  of the difficulty of the game will be selected.

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25 March 2021

Latin America

March Tutoring

6 p.m.Costa Rica



23 March 2021


March Tutoring

8:30 p.m. Spain


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