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First  Franklin Method webinar for riders


The importance of the Pelvis when riding

Webinar January 15, 2023

The pelvis is our base when riding, it is the mediator between the spine and the legs. For this reason, the hip joint and the internal movements of the pelvis play a very important role in how ascending and descending forces are transferred throughout our body. Especially when riding, the biomechanics of our pelvis negatively or positively influence the rest of our body.

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 In this webinar you will learn:

  • The importance of the pelvis when riding.

  • The relationship between emotions and our pelvis.

  • Anatomy and function of the pelvis. 

  • The rhythms of the bones of the pelvis.

  • The movement of the pelvis in the horse's gaits. 

  • Franklin method exercises for the pelvis. 

Who is Alejandra?

Alejandra is a pioneer in the world of fitness in Costa Rica, for almost 14 years she presented and produced her television program, where she helped thousands of people get in shape and improve their health. Personal trainer, aerobics, spinning and various instructors. Techniques related to sports gave him knowledge of the human body and  of the movement; combined with your preparation in current methods such as the Franklin method; the Franklin method for riders, postural therapy, Fascial Fitness Trainer, neuro-movement coaching and four-star instructor of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Method. Nowadays  Helps riders improve their posture, mobility, flexibility and strength when riding.

As a rider and trainer she has also dedicated herself to understanding the horse from different angles; The movement of the horse and its health is one of your priorities. Seeing horse riding as a way to help the horse improve its balance, flexibility and strength is your goal when starting the dressage process.

"Just like humans, horses are asymmetrical and it is our responsibility to help them overcome these challenges, for the well-being and health of their joints."

  • Franklin Method Equestrian Ball Certification.

  • Franklin Method Equestrian Pelvis Trainer.

  • Franklin Method Equestrian Spine Trainer.

  • Franklin Method Equestrian Lower Leg Trainer.

  • Franklin Method Fascia Trainer for Face, Neck, and Shoulders.

  • Franklin Method Pelvic Floor Fascia Trainer.

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9:30 -11:00 am Costa Rica

10:30-12 pm Peru

4:30-6pm Spain

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Participants will have two weeks to view the webinar recording.

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