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 Movement is
my passion.

The Biomechanics of the Horse and the Rider

Alejandra is a pioneer in the world of fitness in Costa Rica. For almost 14 years she presented and produced her television program, where she helped thousands of people get in shape and improve their health. Personal trainer, instructor of aerobics, spinning and various techniques  related to sports gave Ale knowledge of the human body and movement. She has combined this knowledge and experience with the Franklin Method for Equestrians, Postural Therapy, Neuro-Movement Coaching and  pilates which helps riders improve posture, mobility, flexibility and strength when riding.

As a rider and trainer, she is dedicated to understanding the horse from different perspectives. The movement of the horse and its health is a top priority for Ale. She sees equitation  as a way to help the horse improve its balance, flexibility and strength is her goal for providing a strong foundation for  starting the dressage process.

"Like humans, horses are asymmetrical and it is our responsibility to help them overcome these challenges, for the well-being and health of their joints."

One of the main benefits of the Franklin method is that we work and develop the proprioception which is the ability of our brain to  know the position and movement of  the different parts of our body, at all times, improving our sense of equilibrium and balance.  

Which is the key to being better riders!

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The Franklin Method
for Equestrians

The Franklin  method helps us better understand our anatomy  and how our body moves when riding, generating physical experiences that give our brain information to improve efficiency in movement and strengthening the mind-body connection.

By being able to better coordinate movement; we improve strength and flexibility; our posture is natural; more effective and aware.


Ale is a certified level 1 trainer of the Franklin Method for equestrians. This title is held by only  40 people  in the world.

She is also certified as a trainer in the Franklin Method in Fascia of the pelvic floor and also as a trainer in Fascia of the shoulders, neck and face.

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