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"I can safely say that my life changed the moment I started to have a closer relationship with my horse. I became more aware, observant and communicative; this improved my self-confidence, with others and especially with my horse.


The relationship with horses is wonderful, there is no age to put it into practice, it allows us to form a very authentic bond, it makes us better people, it takes us out of the routine, since every day a different experience is lived, where the quality of life of both improves day by day." 


Carlos Manuel Chavez

"Ale has been an inspiration in my life, she took me to a whole other level when it comes to horses.

Thanks to her, the connection that exists between Kairos and me goes far beyond what I ever imagined.


I can say that love, patience and respect have made our hearts one." 

Monica Echeverria

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"Alejandra helped me understand that friendship is the fundamental basis for any good relationship with our horses, because trust, communication and real connection emanate from it.


It has also helped me to unlearn many beliefs that I had regarding equine dressage, such as, for example, that everything has to be done by force and in my own way, without listening to what the animal is telling me.


From Alejandra I have also learned that there is another way to tame and educate a horse, without the need to permanently traumatize or attack it, it is enough to listen to them, understand them and create trust and mutual friendships.


After each one of the classes, my mind about equine dressage changed for the better and my relationship with horses can never be the same, now it is natural and real! Thank you Ale!"

Alexandra Campos

Since I was little I have loved horses. I started to have contact with them when I was a teenager, over the years I had some mares which always lacked the connection that I wanted to have but didn't know how to get it.

My horse Tonka came into my life, he came to change my life, everyday situations that we live with horses were difficult to handle with him. For example, getting on the cart, putting prawns on it in the paddock, putting the brakes on it, the sounds and movements frightened him.

It was when I started taking the courses with Ale, and that changed my relationship with horses.

I have managed to understand the behavior, I have managed to have a relationship of trust, connection, leadership, I have developed patience, I have fun playing with my horses.

Now my horses and I are much happier. 😊😊"


Rocio Ramirez

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"I have been riding for 18 years. I have always sought to do things well but during the first 14 years I could not overcome my fear of horses, I simply did not know how to handle them.


Every time I rode, I took courage and gave myself to fate. However, I met a horse that surpassed me in handling and also intellectually, I couldn't get into his head. I arrived at Ale with a lot of skepticism and a lot of arrogance.


Ale lovingly and clearly managed to explain the behaviors of my horse that I misunderstood and additionally taught me how to handle horses with clarity and precision. It opened up a world that I yearned for but was far from reaching.


Today I enjoy my horses and I have confidence in my handling and trust in them because I have built it into them. I see the horses with understanding and I can enjoy them.


Additionally, Ale has trained me in my classic riding, providing me with clear tools to apply to them.

Ale thank you so much for impacting my life!"

Gabriela Bald

"You have helped me a lot to be more sure of myself, both when riding and in my day to day, to never pay attention to the negative and always turn it into something positive and to understand my horse much more.


Also not to let a small mistake make me sad, you taught me rather to laugh at mistakes and bad results, and keep working to improve.


I am super grateful from the bottom of my heart for everything you have made me grow as a person and a rider, and for all the little details you have helped me correct to be a better rider.


Thank you very much for everything, really there are too many things that I have learned and improved with you and I am extremely happy."

Caroline Murillo

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