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Ale comes from a line of horse lovers and trainers and is well-known in Costa Rica. She grew up riding and caring for horses from a very young age. Ale has developed a passion for understanding the true nature of the horse and is helping riders build relationships with their horses based on trust and mutual respect.

Before devoting herself entirely to horses, Ale was a pioneer in the world of fitness in Costa Rica. For more than 14 years she was the director of her own television program where every morning, with great joy and enthusiasm, she got all of Costa Rica moving with her aerobics classes. The show also touched on other issues related to women's health.

She is an aerobics instructor; personal trainer, and certified in various techniques.

Horses have been her life, and Ale is highly accomplished in dressage. She currently helps riders and horses around the world by giving natural dressage and horse riding clinics.


She is a born teacher, and her teaching style is complemented by her training as a learning skills coach. Her unique style combines her knowledge of rider and horse biomechanics with the Franklin method for riders and training, seeking the well-being of the horse and the functionality of the rider.

She is the only certified instructor in Latin America in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship and the Franklin Method for equestrians.

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