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The 7 Parelli Games
with Ale

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There are 7 categories of interactions that you must carry out with your horse to develop a language together, which will make your horse see you as a leader through respect.


The games are based on the way horses interact with each other in a herd; establishing communication and dominance. The 7 games are the basis for everything you want to teach your horse, no matter how basic or advanced it is.  

Friendly Game


This is the first of seven games. The friendship game builds trust and relationship. It is the most important game for horses who are skeptical and uptight. We use it with the other games to make sure the horse is not afraid of you and your tools.


Basic principle the 3Rs, Rhythm, Relaxation and Retreat

Porcupine Game


In the second game, we teach the horse

to yield by applying and increasing pressure through the four phases.  When the horse responds and moves away, we release the pressure. This is important for moving backwards, responding to the rein and the leg when we are

mounted and for many other uses.

The idea of "phases" is essential to this game with phase 1 the least amount of pressure and phase 4 being the most pressure.

Driving Game

This teaches the horse to yield to rhythmic pressure,

without touching it; this means influencing personal space around a horse.

Yo-yo Game

This strikes a balance between going backwards and going forwards.

It is essential

for transitions and develops the meeting

of the hindquarters.

Circling Game

It sends the horse around you and teaches it to come back to you. This game teaches him the responsibility of staying in the circle without being reminded, maintaining gait, speed, direction and focus.


This game teaches and tests camaraderie.

Sideways Game

This game develops the ability to move them

sideways; this is very important for

develop suspension and changes of lead.

Squeeze Game or Squeeze Game

This teaches your horse to overcome the fear of small or enclosed spaces.

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