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The Art Of Proprioceptive Riding

4 Webinars

Welcome to our webinar series on Rider Biomechanics!


This exclusive webinar series is designed for all horse lovers, from beginners to experienced riders, who want to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of horse riding.


In this webinar, you will learn the secrets behind the connection between the rider and their horse through proprioceptive riding and the rider's biomechanics. You will also discover the power of improving your evidence-based riding with The Franklin Method Equestrian and learn how to use Franklin Method Balls both in and off the saddle.

We will cover the basic anatomy of the specific area of interest and incorporate the movement of the site functionally. You will explore how the focus area can work in the saddle and practice exercises to improve your riding skills.


Our webinar will help you train feel by improving proprioception. You will also improve your concentration and control while riding and reduce fatigue. Lastly, you will improve your posture, alignment, and balance while riding and prevent injuries.


  1. March 13th

  2. March 27th

  3. April 17th

  4. May 1st

4:00 P.M.

Central Time

1:30 hour




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