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  • This course is for you if:

  • you love horses

  • You want to have a real relationship based on trust and friendship with your horse

  • You want to overcome your fears and feel safe when being with horses

  • Do you want to train your own horse?

  • Do you want to grow  in your Horsemanship

  • You want to develop your horse's true potential in a positive and effective way 

  • You want to develop a common language with your horse

  • You want to achieve a training  based on respect and communication  and  no_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-cf58d_ fear of pain_cc781905-5cde-3b5bb14-bb3b18 pain

What will you learn in this course:


  • You will learn to form  or improve  the relationship with your horse

  • You will learn about  Oxytocin and the role it  plays in all types of  relationships

  • You will learn  how  and why our behavior influences your horse's trust in you.

  • You will learn to recognize the signs of stress in horses

  • You will learn 5 different rituals to connect with your horse

  • You will learn 5 different horsemanship exercises or practices to improve the bond  with your horse

  • Will you learn  what is  separation anxiety in equines? How do we help a horse to overcome it? How can we prevent it from happening?



  • The relationship hormone

  • Being present and its benefits

  • Rituals  and connection habits

  • Horsemanship to improve  the human-horse bond

  • separation anxiety

About this Course:

  • The course is in Spanish

  • 100% virtual

  • Duration  4 weeks

  • One group class  via zoom per week

  • Group class duration 90 min

  • You will receive an invitation to the weekly zoom group class

  • You will have access to the virtual classroom  where you will have access to all teaching and audiovisual material.

  • You can download it on your phone, tablet or computer

  • The payment currency is US Dollars (American Dollars) and in Euros if you are in Europe

  • Hours :  3 pm  Costa Rica

  • First class: Sunday 5 September

  • Second class: Sunday 12 September

  • Third  class: Sunday  26  September

  • Fourth  class:  Sunday  October 3

  • No experience or prerequisites required

  • This course will be a requirement to be able to take advanced courses.

  • Certificate of participation issued by Alejandra González  4 Star Parelli Professional







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