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  • This course is for you if:

  • love horses

  • You want to have a real relationship based on trust and friendship with your horse

  • You want to overcome your fears and feel safe being with a horse

  • You want to train your own horse

  • You want to grow in your Horsemanship

  • You want to develop your horse's true potential in a positive and effective way 

  • You want to develop a common language with your horse

  • You want to achieve training based on respect, communication  y  no  in fear or pain

Course Introduction:


Horsenalities are the key to understanding horses and being better humans by interacting with them!

In the Parelli method everything is based on the understanding of equine behavior and Horsenality is the term we use to describe the personality of a horse.

By understanding horsenalities, you will be able to understand your horse and get the best out of it.  The goal is to have horses that are fearless, responsive and connect with us!



  • We will know the Horsenality Model

  • We will study in depth each Horsenality

  • We will analyze the horses and their characteristics to recognize their Horsenality

  • We will learn the Strategies for the management of horses Right Brain

  • We will learn the Strategies for the management of horses Left Brain

  • We will learn how to play the 7 Parelli Games depending on the Horsenality

  • We will study the Humanity - Horsenality

  • What do we learn from horsenality?

About this Course:

The course is in Spanish

  • It is based on the Parelli Natural Horsemanship method

  • Duration 4 weeks

  • Start of Classes 18 APRIL 2021

  • A single schedule, Sundays  3 pm Costa Rica time 

  • One group class via Zoom per week

  • Group class duration 90 min

  • You will receive the invitation for the weekly zoom group class

  • You will have access to the virtual classroom where you will find all the teaching and audiovisual material.

  • You can download it on your phone, tablet or computer

  • The payment currency is US Dollars (American Dollars) and in Euros if you are in Europe

  • No experience or prerequisites required

  • It is recommended to take the course of the 7 Parelli Games previously

  • Minimum age 10 years

  • This course will be a requirement to be able to take advanced courses.

  • Certificate of participation issued by Alejandra González  4 Star Parelli Professional




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